ARKANGELS OF OUR TIMES: The Ark of Angels and Guardians

"If I cried out who would hear me up there among the angelic orders?"
- Rainer Marie Rilke, The First Duino Elegy

Shortly after the arkangels were created, I attended a memorial service* for a musician friend - Michael Baker, given by Reverend Max Woolaver at St. George The Martyr Church, Toronto, Canada. He reminded the crowd of artists and friends assembled that the 'nave' of the church is so named after an Ark or boat, a vessel in which we all come together. His was a timely reminder of my vision for the Arkangel body of work - a commitment to express a love for a life in which we are all so very connected - in a traveling form that can be shared with the world at large.

The Arkangel Project functions as traveling mythology, reflecting its stories of real people involved in earthly action and inspired by heavenly ideals. From my ever-expanding circle of connections the models arise, embodying both the reflective and the affective, the repulsive and the enlightening. In the relentless circular movement of coiling and manipulating clay, the life-like terra cotta portraits emerge to echo the process of life in a human form - imaginative possibilities presented through changing positions, intervals and attitudes. Individuality and spirituality alight onto twisting, moving maquettes of clay.

The sculpture collection of 'Arkangels & Guardians' is presented as an odyssey of limitless numbers. The characters, both famous and unknown, weave an ongoing narrative of a new way of seeing ourselves - essential to the passing parade and keeping the Ark afloat. The role of the Guardians is to direct, to set the stage. The role of the Arkangels is to act the many roles that Life serves up. The unique qualities of each individual portrait are shared with the world, as a visible expression of divine spirit in real and present time.

Like life itself,
the sculptural stage presents a space in which a drama,
any drama, may spontaneously unfold
as if by magic

- Patricia Brennan


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