Artist's Statement

It was during the time of Perestroika and Glasnost, before the end of the last millennium. When Russia threw open its doors to borders, bordellos and Tabernacles, The Arkangel Project began at Arcadia, a small artists' community in Toronto, Canada.

It was a decade when the Berlin Wall came down. Perestroika and Glasnost ushered in the struggle to embrace a capitalist economy. Russia opened its doors to both Church and State. Artists have always been messengers to the gods as well as cultural ambassadors and now it seemed the impossible was possible.

The world was in flux and on the move. The Arkangel Project began creating itself. One after another, the Arkangels appeared. The last one seemed to create the next, as if they were creating each other. An iconic/ironic tribe of cultural ambassadors appeared - a theatrical mythology on its way to presenting themselves. The Guardians create the space. The Arkangels are the actors. All portraits are of real people in the arts set within a growing global community.


I am grateful to the following persons who supported the development of this document:
Michael Barnstijn and Louise MacCallum, for making it possible through their generosity - and Amanda Elias, Joshua Arndt, Yasmin Glanville, and Mychol Scully, for helping to develop it to reflect the spirit and times of a decade of world changes.

I am also grateful to the photographers who captured the essence of the work so well:
Helena Wilson, Edie Steiner